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How To Recover From A Broken Heart
Brownsville, TX 78526

Member of
» International Society of Mental Health Online (ISMHO)
» Dr. Judith Allen is a Clinical Member of the American Association Marriage/Family Therapy (AAMFT)
» Hypnosis Exchange of Licensed Professionals (HELP) Free Referral Service
» American Psychotherapy & Medical Hypnosis Association (APMHA)


State Board Registered by Washington in Counseling and State Board Licensed by Texas:
Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and  Professional Counseling



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Sometimes life feels broken...


Judith L. Allen, Ph.D.
Vocational Experience

The About Feelings Network,,,,,,,,

Online Therapy and Office Based Practices 1997-Current
Hypnosis, Therapy & Medical Hypnosis Certification Training Services; Online Therapy, Editor and Membership Chair for American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association, Founded H.E.L.P., Hypnosis Exchange for Licensed Professionals, Novice Web Page Design, Reno, NV/Weatherford, TX, Psychology Board Advisor: GeoRelations and, Past Board Member of International Society of Mental Health Online, Online Counseling and ChatTherapy at:,,,

Director - 1992-97 Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis
Psychotherapy and Hypnosis Treatment and Training; Registered Sex Offender Treatment, developed S.T.O.P. sex offender treatment utilizing hypnosis/hypnotherapy; Trauma Resolution, Founder APMHA American Psychotherapy & Medical Hypnosis Association, Developed Certification Program in Medical Hypnosis for Professionals, Assessments for Texas Rehab Commission, hypnosis training for Health Department Nurses, Fort Worth.

Program Director - 1990-92 PTSD Unit
Psychiatric Institute, Fort Worth, Texas

Program Director - 1988-90
Saint Joseph Hospital, Fort Worth, Texas

Psychotherapist - 1986-88 Supervised
Tarrant County Mental Health/Retardation, Bedford, TX

Counseling Practice - 1981-85 Supervised
Adult Developmental Counseling Services; Nutri/System Contract; individual and group counseling, Albany, GA

Assistant Administrator - 1980-81
California State Psychological Association, Financial, Editorial and advertising responsibilities, LA, CA

Financial Aid Advisor - Part time 1980-81
Antioch University Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Display Advertising Designer - Part Time 1979-81
Distance B.A./M.A. Chapman College, Santa Ana, CA

Reimbursement Consultant - Part time 1979-81
Accounting/ billing for Psychologist, Los Angeles, CA

Clinic Administrator/Post Graduate School Assistant
Directors Allen Yassar, Ph.D./Hedda Bolgar, Ph.D. 1977-80, Wright Institute Post Doctoral CE Programs LA

Personal: Born in CA 1946 to Russian-Jewish mother and German father. Married since 1988 to Michael, a Master's Level Nurse, BC-Psych, a former Licensed Social Worker, former Hypnotherapist, Degreed in Psychology, Law. and Nursing. Daughters, Dennette born 1965, who died at age 45 of cancer, and Jo Ellen born 1961, who died at age 29 of diabetes. One brother, a former California Attorney, one sister a classical guitar/flute/Spanish Teacher in Western Australia. Work/Academic history: CA, TX, VT, WA, LA, GA, NV.

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Dr. Judith Allen, Licensed Professional Counselor /Marriage and Family
Michael R. Robinson, RN, MSN, BC-Psych - Board Certified in Psychiatry

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