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How To Recover From A Broken Heart
Brownsville, TX 78526

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» International Society of Mental Health Online (ISMHO)
» Dr. Judith Allen is a Clinical Member of the American Association Marriage/Family Therapy (AAMFT)
» Hypnosis Exchange of Licensed Professionals (HELP) Free Referral Service
» American Psychotherapy & Medical Hypnosis Association (APMHA)


State Board Registered by Washington in Counseling and State Board Licensed by Texas:
Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and  Professional Counseling



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Sometimes life feels broken...


     Hypnosis Certification CMH For Licensed Professionals

The CMH Certification in Medical Hypnosis is available to State Board Licensed Medical and Mental Health Professionals who want to add Hypnosis to their practice as a therapeutic treatment tool. The Course and Certification are intended as an adjunct therapy for professionals, and are not provided for those who do not meet professional education and licensing criteria.

The C.M.H. At-A-Distance Certification Program is a course of study designed to be completed in six - eight weeks. It requires approximately 10-15 hours each week of study and field work practicum. The Course takes participants from Beginning through Advanced Theory, and Field Work Practicum.

Programmed study manual/weekly assignments; online supervision of assignments and field work; weekly theoretical and proficiency testing; final written/oral testing by test proctor protocol; transcripts provided after coursework completion.

Certification is achieved by a cumulative point standard. Benefits upon successful completion of C.M.H. include:

First Year APMHA Membership; Publication Opportunities Article Submissions to Eye-Witness News; Transcript Service; Wall Certificate; Member Identification Card; APMHA Logo Pin; Client Referrals to APMHA Members in Good Standing. References available from former students. State Board License or Internship verification will be required.

For more information, Visit APMHA 

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Dr. Judith Allen, Licensed Professional Counselor /Marriage and Family
Michael R. Robinson, RN, MSN, BC-Psych - Board Certified in Psychiatry

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