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How To Recover From A Broken Heart
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Sometimes life feels broken...


     What is a Problem?

Problems are unresolved dilemmas and conflicts for which answers have not yet been found.

Experience, education, and life exposure can help build our resources for problem solving skills, but sometimes we encounter problems which are more difficult. It may be time to ask for help.

Mental health professionals can help reduce the anxiety, and help you explore physical and emotional resources of which you may not be aware.

Professionals are also trained to help you to disengage from patterns of anxiety, conflict, and modeled attitudes which interfere with the ability to see situations clearly.

Many times people have not been trained in the process of problem solving. Parents may have failed to teach these skills. Problems can be elusive, transitional, and very unique.

A very worrisome situation for you, may not be considered a problem for others.

If you have ever been plagued by an emotional conflict over a period of time, and had a friend tell you to "just get over it" you can sense there is a difference.

This type of advice is usually given by someone who is either not bothered by the type of situation or emotion you have conveyed to them, or they simply don't understand. You can in fact "get over it" but not until you find the solution which fits best for you.

Read more about problems and solutions on other pages of our web site.

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Dr. Judith Allen, Licensed Professional Counselor /Marriage and Family
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